Welcome to our first Centenary update. We’re excited about the programme that is taking shape and it’s promising to be a fun filled weekend.

Early bird Registrations – are open now so encourage your friends and family to book their tickets. The registration fee of $35 will only run for a limited time. We want to make it easy for people to register so you can do it online or come into the College with your payment and our friendly office ladies will be able to assist you.

Motorhome Parking – we have secured space at Swap Park over the weekend for ‘self-contained’ Motorhomes only. We are also looking at trying to secure another space as we have received interest from a number of people.

‘A Hall of Memorabilia’ is presently being planned and we are busy collecting items to display so we can bring the past to life.  We would be grateful for any photos, old uniforms, trophies, memories we could loan. Please ask around your family and friends, we know there will be some goodies stashed away.

Please keep emailing us your ideas and questions. You are all part of making our weekend of celebrations a success.


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